In the galaxy of _____, there are many different planets with different climates. These different planets each have special details ton help house the 5 different species. To learn more about the planets, you can read the sections below!

Humans usually live on PLANET NAME HERE but they can be found almost anywhere wit dry land, except for the Asteroid Belt and Magmaria. Humans have no special powers, but they do have the ability to communicate with people telepathically, like the other 4 species. This can only be done if they can see the person they are trying to comminicate with yea this will be finished later.

Aquarials live on the planet called PLANET NAME HERE. You can't expect to find water that easily, which is surprising since Aquarial people live in massive oceans and thrive in underwater environments. Aquarials can live on dry land too, but only if they devote at least an hour every 24 hours to soaking in water to keep their skin from drying up. blah blah blah we'll figure the rest out later.

Geodicans don't live on a planet, but instead they live on the Asteriod Belt which lies on the very outskirts of the galaxy. They have the power to manipulate Geodicans have grey skin and can usually be found with certain kinds of gemstones growing out of certain body parts. Most common areas where the gemstones are located are the collarbone, shoulder, and the neck. There are different classes of Geodicans. Starting from lowest to highest, they are : Amethyst, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond. The lower ranks, usually Amethyst and Sapphire live on the surface of the asteroids. The higher ranks, like Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond live inside asteroids that have been chisled out and furnished to the fullest luxury. The higher the gemstone class, the more luxurious the lifestyle is.

Chiropetarians live on PLANET NAME HERE. They are small people, with the average height of 3 feet tall.

Magmarans live on PLANET NAME HERE. They have the power to manipulate fire and lava